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Functional Flex Ability  
With Charlie Trezevant

Endorsed by Wade Boggs!
85-minutes  DVD

With over 20 years of experience, Charlie Trezevant is a dominant leader in the field of flexibility training.  Now Charlie's expert instruction is available to you in this comfortable, easy-to-follow 85-minute workout filled with many of the training techniques Charlie teaches to top name athletes in Pro Football, Pro Basketball, Pro Baseball, the Olympics, track and field, martial arts, plus recreational athletes and thousands of others who simply want to achieve and maintain a healthier level of physical mobility.  

Discover why proper stretching is the functional key to movement as you work to increase or regain range of motion, reduce or eliminate pain, and keep your overall physical performance at its peak!  Charlie's thorough head-to-toe flexibility routine is filled with over 100 stretches, each complemented with valuable insight and all designed to help you move better and feel stronger as you work to achieve your personal level of physical fitness through Functional Flex Ability!  

Secrets of the Seven Splits Flexibility DVD; Stretching and flexibility training for lower body and to improve range of motion and help prevent injuriesBuy Now!
Secrets of the Seven Splits 
With Charlie Trezevant

40-Minutes  DVD  

How can a better understanding of lower body mechanics improve your physical performance?  What flexibility techniques will lead you to a new level of athletic excellence?  Renowned flexibility expert and 4th degree master instructor Charlie Trezevant unlocks the mystery of lower body flexibility in this workout focused exclusively on revealing the secrets to better movement and enhanced range of motion from the waist down.  Whether you're a martial artist, dancer, cheerleader, sports and fitness enthusiast, or just interested in improving your physical capabilities, you'll benefit from Charlie's thorough routine that shares the keys to improving outcomes and increasing your competitive edge.  By incorporating this newfound stretching knowledge and expertise into your personal fitness regimen, you'll join Charlie's legion of devotees who've already uncovered the secrets that improved flexibility affords. 

The Joy of Flex Ability DVD; 55-minute stretching and flexibility training for overall range of motion and body movement
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The Joy of Flex Ability
With Charlie Trezevant

55-minutes DVD

From top name amateur and professional athletes to teens and senior citizens, Charlie Trezevant has introduced thousands of people to the joy of flexibility during more than three decades of instruction.
Now Charlie brings his popular stretching routine right to your living room in this 55-minute program that offers a soothing, non-strenuous approach to increasing movement in all muscle groups, starting first at the neck and working carefully down to the feet.  The goal of the workout is not to experience discomfort or pain, but rather to achieve a full range of body movement in a relaxed and comfortable manner.
“Soft” and “easy” are two words Charlie uses time and again during the course of this program, one that emphasizes not how far you go, but how you go far!

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