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About Charlie Trezevant

Charlie Trezevant is an accomplished flexibility master who has established himself as one of the premier authorities on the subjects of stretching and mobility. With more than 25-years of experience, Trezevant's flexibility training is instrumental in helping amateur and professional athletes achieve athletic excellence. His techniques also aid the injured in their recovery efforts, lessen the limitations of the medically impaired, and promote healthy lifestyles among casual fitness enthusiasts. 

Charlie's career took its first steps forward at the age of six, when he entered the Florida School of Judo in Tampa to study under world-renowned Martial Arts Professor Ed Maley. During his 25+ years of training with Maley and other martial arts professionals, Charlie honed his skills in the disciplines of Judo, Isshin Ryu, and Kung Fu and earned his teaching certificate and Fourth Degree Master Instructor designation in Tae Kwon Do. 

Trezevant's years of martial arts training, coupled with personal instruction from orthopedic sports specialists and kinesiologists, provided him with an excellent foundation on which to begin his flexibility program. Through stretching, Charlie was able to overcome back problems stemming from scoliosis, arthritis and degenerative discs caused by a childhood accident. In the late seventies, he decided to share his success with others and conducted his first flexibility class at a nationally affiliated fitness center in Rochester, New York. 

Today, over 30-years later, Charlie is a dominant leader in the flexibility field, training such sports professionals as Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs; Pat Kelly (New York Yankees); Fred McGriff (Tampa Bay Devil Rays); 5-Time National Aerobic Champions & World Finalists, Grant & Sandy Brasier; 1992 Olympic Silver Medalist Tony Dees (110M High Hurdles); Ron Heller (Philadelphia Eagles); former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mark Royals, Paul Gruber, Ian Beckles, John Cannon, Michael Husted, Mike Sullivan, Jeff Carlson, Rob Taylor and Ron Hall; Lawrence Funderburke (Sacramento Kings); and the United States Youth Soccer Association. Trezevant also conducts flexibility seminars for fitness facilities, schools and organizations across the country. 

Charlie has released several flexibility programs including The Joy of Flexibility, Functional Flex Ability and Secrets of the Seven Splits. His career has been the focus of special profile segments on NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates and have been featured in numerous publications including The Tampa Tribune, The Orlando Sentinel, The Tampa Bay Times, and Tampa Bay Magazine. His is a contributing author to the golf periodical, Tee Times.