Flexametrix, Inc. - The Best in Flexibility Training


"Charlie Trezevant's flexibility training has helped me perform at my best. I recommend his program to anyone." 
- Wade Boggs, Baseball Hall of Fame

"Charlie Trezevant not only helped my career, he helped to prolong it as well." 
- Ron Heller, Former Offensive Lineman, Miami Dolphins

"Charlie Trezevant's flexibility program not only helped me obtain splits, it helped my whole body get more flexible without injury. It feels great!" 
- Grant Brasier, 5-Time National Pairs Aerobics Champion, World Aerobics Finalist

"Every single person I have seen go after Charlie's work experiences a huge improvement in their range of motion. I have dramatically improved my kicking performance as a masater level martial artist." 
- Grandmaster Dan Levenson, 7th Degree Black Belt, 2010 & 2012 Gold Medalist, Sparring, USA Tae Kwon Do National Championship; Owner, Martial Arts America, Tampa 

"Charlie's flexibility training has improved our dancers' range of motion, reduced their chance of injury and helped them achieve a new level of performance excellence." 
- Mary Jo Scanio, Owner/Director, Mary Jo's Performing Arts Academy 

"Muscle injuries have been a non-factor for our football the past three seasons due to Coach Trezevant's flexibility program." 
- Michael Depue, Robinson High School, Tampa 

"Four months of stretching with Charlie took me from not running for seven months due to injury, to successfully completing a marathon!"
- Darrell Bache, Runner 

"After back surgery, I re-injured my back. I was out of work for a year and a half. One doctor put me on total disability unless I had another back surgery. Since I started flexibility training with Charlie, I have avoided a second surgery and returned to work full-time. I'm playing golf again!"
John Nicotra, Age 47